Proud to be a Marylander *finally

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**If anyone knows who to credit this awesome meme with, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!**
You may be aware that Maryland is the first state to pass legislation to ban residential use of harmful pesticides that are known to kill our precious honey bees. The bill known as the “Pollinator Protection Act” is currently awaiting the signature of our governor Larry Hogan.

Our bee hives last spring, we were removing the entrance reducers. Eucalyptus and Lavender mulched with straw and black gold, a.k.a. alpaca poop, nothing but the best for our girls and drones!

Personally, I am all for fewer restrictions and laws and allowing people to be free-we are the “free state” after all, but this is legislation I can get behind. Consumers have been misdirected by big business for so long that legislation was needed to protect those that could not protect themselves. (the bees)

How did we get to this point?

There once was a time when people planted gardens and shared their bounty with their neighbor; now people depend on huge farm operations to provide their meals and large farms depend on a successful crop, successful crops need to be bug free, so…and there it goes. It is the nature of the beast. Farmers are educated in how to use chemicals, Joe Schmoe is not.

Wondering how to buy bee safe products?
Here is a list of neonicotinoids:
• Acetamiprid
• Clothianidin
• Dinotefuran
• Imidacloprid
• Nitenpyram
• Thiacloprid
• Thiamethoxam

Lowes and Home Depot are both known to sell flowers and plants treated with these chemicals, but also claim to be “bee friendly”. If there is nothing to indicate if they are safe, ask the nursery manager if neonics (the abbreviated name) were used in the seed, soil, or sprayed on the plant and if they have or they don’t know, it is best to stay away. There are plenty of smaller nursery’s that would gladly accept your business and it’s always nice to support the little guy.
So, go out and hug a bee…okay, don’t hug a bee, but plant something(neonic free) for the bees!


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