Back in the saddle

It has been a while!  Life got busy, and blogging became an afterthought. I am going to try very hard to get back into the routine of keeping up with our blog, as my farm Facebook updates tend to get a little long! Instead of a lengthy “what we’ve been up to” I am just going to dive into today, and we’ll catch up along the way.

In late April I noticed one of our Nigerian Dwarf goats, Daisy was getting an udder, and seemed rounder than normal. I took her to the vet, and sure enough she is expecting. Back in late April early May, the vet thought she was pretty far along…fast forward to today, we are STILL waiting on Daisy to kid. (that is what it is called in the goat world, I’m not “kidding”. )


Daisy’s ‘udder’

I have been awake since 3:30 am thinking about building a bigger structure for the impending “hostages” (Yet another term used by goat people when waiting for their does to kid) to be released. In my mind I am creating a blue print, and counting 2×4’s, and sheets of plywood, because…why not? Sleep is overrated.

I went out to check on Daisy around 6:30 am. All the goats were snuggled up in the last shelter I built for them, except for my former indoor bottle baby, Clare; Clare was snuggled up in the igloo all by herself. It was all I had to walk away and not bring her back inside, but I knew if I did, I’d be haulin’ butt back to the goat yard in 10 minutes, Clare in tow, because a goat in the house is not for those who want to enjoy their morning coffee! Notice how pretty my goat house “used” to be, all trimmed out and painted.  (I gave up on painting the roof)

Now we can all be on Daisy watch! There will be plenty of pictures, so be sure to head over to our farm page and give us a “like” and check often to see when Daisy finally gives up her hostage situation.


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