Saga of the chicken coop door

The property we are on has been in my husband’s family for over 100 years. I have tried to keep things as original as possible. I have made a few changes inside, but not many. Outside we have done quite a bit and tried to keep things “functional” rather than “pretty”. We did invest in a “real” fence for our main two pastures, but otherwise, most things we have learned to do ourselves.

*IF you are a professional or fancy yourself a professional builder’ish person, you might want to stop reading here. You have been warned.

Our chicken coop is approximately 16 x 20…give or take some feet. The door has always been a struggle, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be “fixed” temporarily while more important things were tended too.20170610_170626_resized

It was a hot mess…and if it rained, it was EXTREMELY difficult to get the door open as water would come in and the pine shavings from the floor and mud would block the opening.

I was asked to get a friend of ours to make a door…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I typically weigh the cost with “if I could do it” and God bless Youtube…I found a video that showed how to make a farm house door. Easy enough. I went to Lowes and tape measure in hand (One should note that 2 x 4’s aren’t REALLY 2 x 4…Length is pretty correct, but the rest is not. IF you read the label AND keep a tape measure handy {I wasn’t the ONLY person there with my OWN tape measure} you can be assured you will get what you need.) I needed a door that was 36″ x 80″. One would think I would need 6-6″ boards…NOPE.


I had to add a 2″ furring strip in the middle to make it 36″.20170609_150347_resized

I was able to use our new (to us) saw…I love tools. Honest to goodness…Lowes is just about my favorite store…the smell of fresh lumber is like perfume. AHHH!


After I laid out my 36″ x 80″ boards, I used wood glue on 1″ x 4″ boards down each side.



Then I put a board across the bottom, top, and middle, with wood glue and screws.


Then came “math”…it was hot, and it was the end of the day, and I was tired, and I am running out of excuses…


There was “supposed” to be an “X” in both the top and the bottom AND they were “SUPPOSED” to be equal…Okay, so here is what I was thinking…Oh who am I kidding, I don’t know what the heck I was thinking…It looks “country” okay? I MEANT to do that.


Next step, fill in the screw holes with wood putty.


Next step…SAND, SAND, SAND. Thank God for my little hand sander. PS-I didn’t sink all the screws all the way, so there. I added to the “countryness” of this door!


Next step…add a couple layers of paint. Paint is nature’s “make up”…Paint covers up your zits, or blemishes, or whatever you call them!

Here I am thinking this door is going to look all jacked up, not to mention HEAVY as all get out-the video said nothing about how heavy this door would be, nor did it mention that it would be a GREAT idea to use clamps…thus the gaps, but hey, country, and it doesn’t NEED to be air tight)thumbnail_20170626_084441

This past weekend we put the door up. Thank God for my very patient husband because despite my measuring MULTIPLE times, the door was ever so slightly too wide…if we installed it once, we installed that bad boy two dozen times. I am not EVEN exaggerating. There was a lot of sanding and sawing…and my very precise paint job got very jacked up…but COUNTRY…and distressed…it’s in. If it isn’t, it should be.

The door no longer needs a “knob” as it has that cool handle. Brian is BRILLIANT, just don’t tell him I said so =) No, seriously, he should get all kinds of kudos because the handle takes away from my failure to math, (and to think I home school) and it locks by this cool barrel system. Now when I go to let the chickens out, I don’t have to struggle with the door. I am even going to make a trip to the dump (even though I JUST went last week!) so I can get rid of the old door!





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