How to litter box train your alpacas

Awe, bless your heart. That is called click bait…Tee Hee.

I am an optimistic person. It is a hard and exhausting cross to bear too, we live in such a pessimistic society and lets face it, it takes a lot less energy to be negative.

What does this have to do with litter box training alpacas? I promise, it does.

Today it started out relatively cool and not quite so humid, a perfect day to finish cleaning out the girls run in. They have been hanging out in there around the fan and even though they have PLENTY of places to go to the bathroom OUTSIDE, they choose to poop and pee right where they eat and sleep. I try hard to keep it clean, but I cannot be out there all day…pee on a stall mat is disgusting, because they lay in it, and oh the fiber…I’m trying to harvest that stuff!

I pulled the mats, scrapped and scrubbed and washed and rinsed…have you ever tried moving a stall mat? They are made of heavy one inch thick rubber, did I mention heavy? Well, I happened upon these awesome mat movers, it is the BEST $17.99 you’ll spend.


I shoveled out the gross limestone dust I put in earlier this year…yes, earlier this year I did this same song and dance…Order truck load of limestone dust, shovel and rake, scrape, move, wash, move, level, shovel…

There are several alpaca farms that use “litter boxes” in their barns and say they work. I have tried it before (thus the whole ‘I’m an optimist’ remark or perhaps we should be leaning more towards insanity because isn’t the very definition of insanity? Doing something over and over again expecting a different result? Maybe that is just the urban dictionary definition) to no avail, but I am going to try it again!


We have a lot of scrap 2×4’s from a framing project, so I just screwed 4 together and put my stall pellets in the middle and then creepily waited for someone to use the bathroom…FYI, that was not deposited there…that I collected while Sunset was going outside…yep, I put the scoop right up under her and transferred it to my nice clean “litter box”…I mentioned creepily right? Alpacas are like women, one can’t simply go to the bathroom alone, and there is nothing to make one go than another one going, or smelling and finding one has recently gone…or a freshly cleaned communal pile is also a good way to get them to go.


Sera taking a break and making sure my work is sufficient.

I’ll keep you posted on how big of a waste of time this project turned out to be.

*In case you are wondering, last time I had the 2×4’s laying on their flat sides and not sticking up as tall. Chickens are always in the run in pecking around and scattering the pellets everywhere, so I figured I would try it this way. The measurements are 4′ by 3′ and I think I will go get a half stall mat to put across the front…not that it matters, but I am going to be optimistic.


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