Dear Farm Diary 8/10/17

Welcome to my farm diary…

Dear Farm Diary,

It is already August…the weather has cooled off at night, for which I am grateful, but it is still hateful hot during the day…I have always been a summer person, but this year I find myself longing for shorter days that are cooler and less chaotic. I know that in December I will long for green grass and leaves on trees and extra sunlight, but for now, I reserve the right to wish for lazy days.

Today we had visitors on the farm from another alpaca farm. Alpaca farmers in general, in my experience, are a wealth of knowledge, and are extremely willing to share both successes and failures. It was very nice to be caught working on my fiber when other fiber farmers showed up. I definitely felt ‘legit’.

I have set a goal for myself. I currently have nearly three years of fiber on the sun porch that is just taking up space. Winter is a great time to play with fiber, but not the best time to skirt it, wash it, and dry it. I hope to, by the end of the month, have it all skirted, washed, and dried…then I can pack it away again and work on spinning it over the long winter days.

Until I have time to write again,
One hot and tired fiber farmer


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