Dear Farm Diary 8/11/17

Dear Farm Diary,

I am currently sitting in my hot van outside of my kids karate class…I decided that in order to catch up with myself I need to better schedule my time.  Now, karate time is errands and computer related “stuff”.

I feel overwhelmed today. The day went by fast as it always does, yet I got NOTHING done that I really had in my mind to do. I did take some of my Suri fiber to the mill (Painted Sky Fiber Mill), and I paid the deposit on what I dropped off a couple weeks ago. Yes, I am THAT overwhelmed that I am now sending some of my fiber to be processed. (It is a tough pill to swallow, but I am only one person.) The best part is they were doing some work and I was able to see some of their amazing machines up and running. Linda (one of the owners) is a pleasure to speak with and really takes her time to get to know her clients and their farms.

I did get the opportunity to visit a local yarn/fibery goodness store. Talk about overwhelming.


Just ONE shelf of yarn for sale at Vulcan’s Rest

The store is huge and FULL of shelves upon shelves of luscious yarn…yak yarn, alpaca yarn, organic yarn, cotton yarn, bamboo yarn, yarn blends…there are books upon books and spinning wheels and looms and basket weaving equipment…overwhelming. I was able to speak to the owner and it is always nice to talk to someone else that understands fiber and yarn!

I returned home to find one of our Kids (goat not human) had her head stuck in the fence…AGAIN. This is why I don’t leave home for long! I was able to work on some of my fiber that I am using for an animal to yarn post I plan on doing. The more I talk to people the more I realize that it is great education.

Time to wrap up. Till we meet again.


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